Turkey, The New Rising Star of Web World!

This year is really exciting in Turkey. Turkish internet sector is getting bigger and we take good attentions around world. It is  actually a process which comes by a few years but  it is so clear, we will see big changes in this year as we have not seen before.

When i saw Caglar Erol‘s announcing about NuBridge, i feeled that something has started to change for Turkey. Then Arda Kutsal announced NuBridge with Webrazzi’s partnership(others:Golden Horn Ventures, Sardis Capital, NuBridge Ventures). It was an investment summit focusing on Turkey and directed by a Turkish VC Pamir Gelenbe.

The NuBridge Summit connected Turkey’s leading internet entrepreneurs and internet companies with global investors under 2 summits(Venture summit and Angel investor summit). I attended Angel investor summit for 1 day and i saw how they were interested with Turkey.

After NuBridge, TechCrunch Europe editor Mike Butcher wrote an article and Çağlar Erol has shared what has happened in Turkish. When i saw Marketing Türkiye Magazine has mentioned about NuBrigde and what world’s most popular investors think about Turkey, i needed to tell all about these.

Also I am getting connected with different global sources and realising  how global sources interested with us. NuBridge was absolutely awesome but it was just the beginning. Some other global meetings are going to be in Istanbul soon and i will ty to share what happens in Turkey.

Finally, there are some changes at web world. I have met some news about how US(Dot Com Buuble.) was looking forward to see new entrepreneurs and startups.  Europe rises, but the big truth is;

Turkey is The New Rising Star of Web World!

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